146.940- (100) AutoPatch Instructions


The BARC 146.940- (100) Repeater now has autopatch capabilities!
The autopatch phone number is: (406) 551-6007


Please, become familiar with the FCC rules regarding autopatch use.

  • 1. No business related phone calls. (97.113)
  • 2. The patch has a 3 minute timer.
  • 3. Ask yourself if the call is really necessary.
  • 4. The AutoPatch should not be used when regular or cellular phone is available.
  • 5. If there is an emergency, use the AutoPatch in any way necessary to get help. (97.403)
  • 6. Identify yourself before you bring up the patch and after you bring it down.
  • 7. You are the control operator when making a call and are responsible for what those on the other end say. (97.115)
  • 8. If music is played (Hold music, Ringback Tones, Etc) you must immediately terminate the patch. (97.113)

  • Usage

    41 - Bring Auto-Patch Online
    40 - Hang Up


    If the person you called starts cussing or saying something inappropriate for over the air Amateur Radio communications - it's up to you to terminate the call. You are the control operator and it's your license at risk. Do that by immediately pressing 40 on your DTMF pad. The repeater will hang up the line and announce the termination of the patch. Later, preferably in person, you can explain to the person you called why you had to hang up on them. The repeater's radio receiver always has 'priority' and is always listening. If you key up and talk or issue a DTMF command, the person on the phone is 'cut off'.

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    Some text sourced from W7VNJ